Building Capital Inc.

"My name is Dr Saqib Qureshi, and I am the CEO of Building Capital. 

In previous roles, I have worked at McKinsey & Co, HSBC Investment Bank and The Financial Times. I have now been working with Carley for a few months. She has been an incredible support across the so many contrasting projects I work on, bringing to bear a highly intelligent mind, excellent organization skills, extreme tenacity with a genuine commitment to deliver. Once I park something in Carley’s corner, I know it will be taken care of to a very high standard. She follows up on items which I’ve forgotten about, responds incredibly fast and “get’s it”. I don’t yet know of a single area that I would recommend that she develops."


Good Buds Company Inc.

"My name is Alex Rumi and I'm one of the co-founders of Good Buds, Canada's first licensed outdoor cannabis producer from Salt Spring Island, B.C. I've worked with Carley on a number of different projects and am thrilled with the quality of her work! Carley always puts in very thorough, detail-oriented work and is a complete Swiss Army Knife - Anything I throw at her, she delivers quickly and with the highest level of quality.  She's been great helping with a variety of tasks for the business, including excel and financial modelling, research into complex market details, government compliance & applications, navigating bespoke software, and doing complex inventory counts. She's a great addition to any team and has been a life saver for us, filling in key gaps for our growing organization. Definitely recommend her services!"


Schöck North America

"My name is Tracy Dacko and I am the Marketing Manager for Schöck North America. I have worked with Carley on a variety of projects and couldn’t be happier with the service, quality, communication and attention to detail. I had been a little nervous to outsource one particular project that required sending emails to customers and vendors, but my worries were quickly put to rest. Carley wrote the emails flawlessly and solicited the replies I was looking for without a problem. She obviously has strong business experience and applies rational thinking to whatever she is working on – something that I have found is sadly lacking with many VAs and consultants. I now know I can count on her to complete a wide variety of projects on time, at a reasonable price and in a professional manner, so I will absolutely continue to use her services!"


Elevate Your listing Inc.

"It is my pleasure to write in support of Carley Aitken. Carley has worked with me in the capacity of Virtual Assistant since 2019. I first sought Carley’s services out as I was in need of help with the administrative tasks that comes with being a busy business owner. Her aptitude and willingness to go the extra mile quickly confirmed my decision in doing so. 

Carley gracefully approaches every task with ease and dedication. She is highly skilled in scheduling, travel arrangements, marketing, strategic planning and brings a tremendous level of professionalism and thoroughness to her work. She has proven invaluable in her communication skills and has been able to secure multiple high level business meetings for my organization. Even the clients we work with have become her fans! I am happy to give Ms. Aitken my highest recommendation as a Virtual Assistant!"

Gino Veneroso, President

Elevate Your Listing Inc.


Staple Concepts and Events

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful Carley and her team are! 

As an entrepreneur of a quickly expanding business, I often find myself feeling extremely overwhelmed and pulled into a thousand directions. A friend recommended that I try a virtual assistant and Carley has been a godsend! 

Super resourceful, detailed, professional and efficient, she has assisted me in managing several large projects from beginning to completion. Always in a timely manner, with the utmost attention to detail. I would recommend her services again and again and I look forward to our continued working relationship."

Tiffany Stapleton, Founder

Staple Concepts and Events



"Carley is an absolutely indispensable resource. She enables me to focus more on my core business activities rather than also worrying about administrative tasks like travel and expenses. And she keeps important items I’m working on (or should be!) from falling through the cracks. Her level of professionalism and competence is second-to-none."

Douglas Laney, Principal, Data & Analytics Strategy 



Sussman Law

“Carley of EVA Services has been a pleasure to work with as a Virtual Assistant. She goes above and beyond to make my law practice seamless. Carley responds promptly and with enthusiasm to my email requests. She makes and answers calls to clients and other legal practitioners with professionalism and courtesy. Carley is extremely organized and will take on a task with very little supervision. She has amazing research skills and can find something quickly under time constraints. Carley is knowledgeable in all aspects of word processing and can provide you with what you need with a quick turnaround. I suggest Carley to anyone who is looking for a Virtual Assistant. Not only does she save me valuable time, but she will certainly do everything she can to ensure that your business is successful. EVA Services has been a tremendous asset to my law practice.”

Joseph Sussman, Sussman Law